The Best In Novelty Events

Elevate Your Event with Unforgettable Novelty Entertainment from Simplified Entertainment

Transforming Simple Moments into Extraordinary Memories

At Simplified Entertainment we believe in the magic of transformation. Our specialty? Turning everyday gatherings into vibrant, eye-catching novelty events that leave guests buzzing with excitement. Imagine the joy and satisfaction as you watch attendees immerse themselves in creativity, leaving not just with smiles but with unique keepsakes in hand. This is the heart of our mission—to create moments that are not only entertaining but memorably enchanting.

The Lasting Impact of Novelty Events

Why do novelty events hold such a special place in the landscape of entertainment? It’s simple. They offer something truly priceless: a tangible piece of the experience. When guests engage in creating their personalized novelty items, they're not just participating; they're investing emotionally in your event. These mementos go on to adorn homes and offices, serving as vibrant reminders of a delightful day and sparking conversations for years to come. It's an enduring win-win for everyone involved.

Tailored to Fit Your Vision and Budget

Regardless of the scale of your budget, Simplified Entertainment has the perfect novelty solution for you. From streamlined setups to full-scale extravaganzas bursting with bells and whistles, our team is adept at crafting events that align seamlessly with your financial parameters without compromising on fun or flair.

Attention to Detail, Designed to Impress

We understand that the visual appeal of your event plays a critical role in its overall success. That's why every aspect of our setups, from elegant tablecloths to captivating backdrops and dynamic specialty lighting, is curated to elevate the guest experience. With Simplified Entertainment every detail is meticulously considered to ensure your novelty event shines brightly.

A World of Choices at Your Fingertips

Prepare to be amazed by the vast array of novelty options waiting for you. With over 100 novelties just in our Sign Shop alone, the possibilities are virtually endless. Feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry—our professional event coordinators are here to guide you through the selection process, helping you find the perfect fit that will enhance your event’s theme and atmosphere.

Experience It Before You Commit

Choosing the right novelty can be daunting. That's why we’re here to help streamline the decision-making process. If you're curious about a particular option, we're happy to provide detailed photos or samples from previous events to ensure you're completely confident in your selection. At Simplified Entertainment your satisfaction and the joy of your guests are our top priorities.

Ready to Create Unforgettable Moments?

Dive into the world of Simplified Entertainment and discover how we can turn your next gathering into an extraordinary celebration filled with laughter, creativity, and cherished keepsakes. Contact us today, and together, we'll make your event truly spectacular.


Sign Shop

Sign Shop is a professional on-site dye-sublimation printing system. Sign Shop can print on fabric, ceramic, metal amd more. With so many choices to custom personalize, Sign Shop now has its very own page! Shorts, Ornaments, Street Signs, Water Jugs, Coffee Mugs, Phone Cases, Dry Erase Boards ...

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Photo Show Experience

Simplified Entertainment & Events reccomends that EVERY EVENT have a photo show experience. Photo shows add so much to the event experience and lets the guest be an actual part of the experience. Why do you think Disney makes their photo pass such a big deal? Beacuse people want to be part of the experience. So many photo shows, so little picture taking time!

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Architecture Names

Up to 9 letters can be used to create a name sign. Each letter of the alphabet is created from an architectural landscape. Your guests select their letters and place them on a black matt and decorate.


Airbrush Tattoos

Freak Out Your Mom! She will think our awesome Airbrush Tattoo is real! Lasts for weeks. Over 200 tattoo selections. Custom airbrush tattoo's can be created for your special event.


Glow Tattoos

Our cool Airbrush Tattoos that glow in the dark! Great for those wicked fun Glow Silent Disco dance parties that Simplified Entertainment is known for!


Glitter Tattoos

The largest fun selection of tattoos that glitter in the light. Eye catching and fun! Lasts for weeks.


Name On Rice

How cool is it that YOU get to write your name on a single piece of rice? Yes, YOU! It is so cool! When your friends see the necklace, braclet or backpack tchotchke (chotch-key) they will want one too. Great selection of items to create your one of a kind keepsake. Create earings, keychains, phone charms and more!


Corporate Spin Art

Corporate Spin Art is for those who want to take home the best created spin desigend wall art. Each spin art that you speciffically craft is mounted in a glass frame for you to hang on your wall. This is a great item that will make your living space more enjoyable! Who would have thought spin art could be so life changing?


Ultimate Spin Art

Simplified Entertainment has created the coolest spin art machines. These things spin anything! (well, not anything) T-shirts, frisbees, mugs, flip flops, tote bags. Anything you can place on the machine can become a creative work of spin art.


Tye-Dye Stuff

Whoa! Cool Man! Simplified Entertainment & Events can Tye-Dye anything, man. Like tee-shirts, shorts, totes, caps, bandanna's and more. Wicked cool and fashionable to the point that it is your personal design. How cool is that, dude?


Stuff A Bear

Bears, lions, and tigers, giraffes, penguins. 100's of items to stuff and fluff to make a great hand crafted plush toy for your guests to take home. Cutom crafted t-shirts, boxes and all sorts of other goodies are avaible to make your event the biggest and best for your guests.


What's In A Name

Would you like to know the meaning of your name? Sure! Everyone does! Every first name in the world is derived from another name. That means we have every name there is! This is event is amazing. Your guests will enjoy reading and talking about their name. This is a fantastic ice breaker event. And the best part is your guests have something to take home.


Airbrush T-Shirts & more

It's the hottest trend! Airbrush T-Shirts are the ultimate in custom craft creations. Have our professional airbrush artist create your design or we can bring everything for your guests to actually airbrush their very own t-shirt. T-shirts, hats, totes, sneakers phone cases and a whole lot more can be airbrushed.


Gel Art

Using clear gel wax, your guests are able to create a 3D floating piece of art with in a goblet. A huge selection of decorating assorment of beads, glitter, shells, letters and more. Guests can add scent to make their creation an air freshner.


Sand Art

No one does a sand art event like Simplified Entertainment & Event. When we host a sand art event we demonstrate to the guests how to create fun a scene that will dazzel and amaze their friends. For the best sand art event call Simplified Entertainment & Events.


Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is a fun quick novlety. Guests come in and place 3 bamboo plants into a holder, fill with colored gel water beads and decorate. This is a great novelty for events that have short amount of time and need a fast through put.


Lucky Airplants

Lucky Airplants is a fun creative novelty. Airplants take more time to create than Lucky Bamboo. Guests select their airplant and decorate a scene within the holder for the plant. Airplants need the smallest amount of wate to survive. Great for those who do not have a green thumb.


Caricature Artists

You as a cartoon? How cool is that? Within minutes our highly professional caricature artist's will create a masterpiece of you in cartoon form. This is the coolest takeaway that will be cherished for ever!


Candy Wall

Candy Wall is a very unique novelty event. This is a custom designed novelty to your specific event. You tell us how much candy to bring and Simplified Entertainment & Events will create a wonderful display. Your guests will create their very own candy bag or candy box.


Leather Name Braclet

Your guest gets to hammer out a custom leather braclet. This is a fun activity that releases the personal style of the creator. Many styles to choose from including leather bands, symbols and letters to create your personalization.


Ceramic Painting

Huge selection of prefired ceramics to paint. Using our speacial paints, the ceramic pieces do not need to be re-fired. Paint and take home when dry. Drying of the paint takes 5 to 30 minutes.


Sun Catchers

Sun Catchers are a quick fun novelty that allows guests to stain a glass ornament and create a uniqe suncatcher. Each sun catcher comes with a suction cup to attach the work of art to any window. When the sunlight hits the sun catcher a stream of colorful light will reflect around the room!


Gingerbread House Crafting

Why is a Simplified Entertainment & Events gingerbread house decorating better than the store bought box kits? Because ours are bigger, we bring the best candy to decorate and place the finished art into a clear bag and wrap it with a bow. Yup! We just do it better becuase events are what we do!


Holiday Stockings & Hats

Decorating is fun! Simplified Entertainment & Events is the largest holiday village event creator in the country. We can say that because it is true AND we invented the theme village event. Santa hats, elf hats, stockings and more can be available for your guests to decorate. And every year there after, the item your guest created will be hung with all their other decorations. Reminding them for years to come of the wonderful time they had at your event creating such a memorable piece of art.


Holiday Ornaments

Huge selection of holiday ornaments that your guests can decorate and hang on the tree, wall or the car rearview mirror.


Candy Jars

Everyone loves candy. And everyone loves a candy jar on their desk! We bring everything for your guests to decorate a jar and fill it full of candy!


Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden is a huge enclosed screen inflatable that houses different species of butterflies. Participants can hand feed the free flying butterflies using a nutrient based butterfly nectar. When the event is completed the butterflies are released back into their natural habitat. This event is extremely unique, educational and assists in repopulation of butterflies.

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Virtual Reality VR

Virtual Reality or VR is the biggest change in video gaming since Gameboy! Simplified Entertainment & Events has the best in Virtual Reality games and education VR programs. From escape rooms to roaming with dinosaurs, our virtual reality will keep your guests entertained for hours. The largest selection of games.

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Flying Drones

Drones are the hottest RC device. Simplified Entertainment & Events has the coolest enclosed drone flying arena. Six pilots or more can fly our “easy to fly” drones. It will only take 30 seconds to master flying our drones. Pilots fly through obstacles, land on heliports and race to see who the most talented pilot. This is a must have show for any carnival event. All inclusive. Can be performed indoors or out. All drones are flown in an enclosed arena that is 15’ Wide x 30’ Long x 12’ Tall.