Simplified Entertainment has brought to life one of the most exciting video games. Now you can be the IMPOSTER!

You always wanted to be the IMPOSTER. Now you can.

Up to 10 Crewmates and 2 IMPOSTERS navigate the Simplified Entertainment maze performing their tasks.

Each Crewmate and IMPOSTERS wear a pulsating LED color vest. Armed with their task cards, the players navigate the maze to complete their tasks. However, the IMPOSTERS are doing the same.

IMPOSTERS eliminate the Crewmates by turning off their LED color vest. Once a Crewmate finds a "dead Crewmate" a meeting is convened. Crewmates decide whether to vote to eject or to skip the vote and continue with the game. Once the game is restarted, the "dead Crewmate" becomes a ghost and must still complete their tasks.

IMPOSTERS can sabotage the maze by turning off the lights or cutting off the oxygen. Crewmates will have 60 seconds to reverse the sabotage or be automatically ejected from the game.

Crewmates win in one of two ways. One way Crewmates win is by ejecting the IMPOSTERS. The second way is by completing the tasks before the IMPOSTERS eliminates the crew.

IMPOSTER can be played indoors or outdoors. Maze area foot print is 30' deep x 40' wide x 12' tall. Setup area preferred is 50' deep x 60' wide x 12' tall. Minimum setup area is 42'deep x 32' wide x 9' tall

Simplified Entertainment is just the best!

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