Glow Golf

Glow Golf

Simplified Entertainment proudly presents the largest portable Glow Golf experience available, setting a new standard for miniature golf with our visually stunning, glow-in-the-dark courses. With options ranging from 9 to an astounding 32 holes, we offer unparalleled flexibility and scale to suit any event size. Our courses are not just expansive; they are designed with the player in mind, featuring generously sized greens that allow you to stand directly on them to take your shot— a testament to their exceptional design and our commitment to providing an immersive putting experience.

Outshining the Competition: Unrivaled Excellence in Our Glow Golf Experience

But what truly sets our Glow Golf apart is the radiant spectacle it offers. Every component, from the putters and balls to the course itself, is designed to dazzle under the glow of super bright blacklights, transforming the game into a glowing wonderland. These aren't just any blacklights; our ultra-bright lighting ensures everything within its reach comes alive with a magical glow, highlighting even the smallest details, from shoelaces to the whites of your eyes. The entire area becomes an enchanting glow zone, further amplified by dynamic laser lights that add an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Lights, Music, and Unforgettable Glow Golf Thrills

Adding to the ambiance, the latest music videos play in the background, creating a lively atmosphere that enhances the fun of navigating through the course's crazy curves and whimsical obstacles. Whether played indoors or outdoors, we recommend an indoor setting to maximize the mesmerizing effect of the glow. The darker the surroundings, the more vividly the glow shines through, making every game a brilliantly lit adventure.

Simplified Entertainment takes care of everything: clubs, glow golf balls, the holes, and of course, the blacklights and laser lights, ensuring each hole spans at least 13 linear feet for a full-scale golfing experience.

In keeping with our mission to create experiences that everyone can enjoy, our Glow Golf is fully inclusive, welcoming players with physical disabilities to join in the fun. We have ADA golf clubs for those inn wheelchairs. This isn't just golf; it's Glow Golf as it's meant to be—vibrant, exciting, and inclusive, offering a unique blend of sport and spectacle that makes every round unforgettable.


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