Game Shows

The Best Game Shows For Your Events

Simplified Entertainment & Events has created a unique game show play system that allows the entire audience to play along. Gone are the days where only a few (15?) people can participate and win prizes. The Simplified Entertainment & Events game show system allows 10, 20 100, 200 players or more to compete in a television style game show. Game shows are only fun if you are part of the action. Only Simplified Entertainment & Events gets every audience member playing throughout the show from begining to end. Our competitors game shows cannot do what Simplified Entertainment & Events does!

Simplified Entertainment & Events brings a huge 8 feet tall by up to 50 feet wide really cool backdrop set that are specifically designed for each individule game show. Our contestant podiums look like they came right off a high production television game show! Simplified Entertainment & Events has taken the time to be sure that our game shows are stellar attractions that will deliver a memorable experience for your guests.


For the past two years we have been asked if we can supply the game show and the buyer supplies the game show host. Yes we can! You can now be a game show host. How does it work?

Our staff sets up the game show set. 1 hour before the game show, our staff explains what they need to do. We do a run through of the show a few times.

If you have a coworker or a student that likes to have fun and be a game show host this is a perfect event to have. Its fun, easy and more laughs than you can imagine.


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