Feudin Game Show

Feudin Game Show

Simplified Entertainment & Events has created a cool rivalry style game called Feudin’. 10 contestants compete on stage to be the first team to complete the survey challenge board. Up to 50 different audience members or more can come on stage throughout the show. What about the rest of the audience? Utilizing the Simplified Entertainment & Events exclusive audience participation technology, audience teams have 60 seconds to correctly answer comical survey trivia. There are two ways to win a prize. Any team on stage who has the highest score wins a prize. Also, the audience team with the most survey challenge board points wins a prize! It's great fun!

Simplified Entertainment & Events brings a huge 8 feet tall by up to 50 feet wide really cool backdrop set that are specifically designed for the Feudin’ game show. Our contestant podiums look like they came right off a high production movie set! Simplified Entertainment & Events has taken the time to be sure that our game shows are stellar attractions that will deliver a memorable experience for your guests. Our challenges are 100% all-inclusive including those with physical disabilities.

Typical length of the Feudin' Game Show is up to 90 minutes.

Performance requirements: Can be performed in any size venue or multipurpose room. The minimum space required is 30 feet wide by 15 feet deep. Preferred performance area is a theatrical stage with audio & lighting.

The Feudin' Game Show can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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