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Butterfly Garden


Simplified Entertainment is actively collaborating with a network of butterfly breeders across the United States, aiming to elevate awareness and appreciation for butterflies. This partnership seeks to highlight the beauty and ecological significance of these creatures, fostering a deeper understanding and connection between people and the natural world. Through engaging educational programs, interactive exhibits, and live butterfly experiences, Simplified Entertainment is at the forefront of promoting conservation efforts and inspiring a new generation of butterfly enthusiasts.

The quest for the best entertainment & shows is ever on going. We pride ourselves on making available to you new exciting innovative products that exceed your expectations and bring a smile to your guests. Step into a world of wonder and enchantment as you embark on a magical journey through our butterfly garden. Get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures as you touch, hold, and even feed them! Watch in awe as the butterflies dance around you, their delicate wings fluttering in the sunlight. Learn about the fascinating life cycle of these winged wonders and the crucial role they play in our ecosystem. Marvel at the intricate patterns and colors displayed on their wings, each one as unique as a snowflake. Take a deep breath and inhale the sweet aroma of the necter that the butterflies rely on for sustenance. Our knowledgeable guides will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and help you get the most out of your experience. Whether you're a seasoned butterfly enthusiast or just starting out on your quest for knowledge, our exhibit offers something for everyone. So come on down and join us for an unforgettable experience that will leave you buzzing with excitement


Simplified Entertainment is the largest supplier of portable butterfly gardens in the nation. The butterfly's we bring are indigenous to every State in America. The flora we provide is also found indigenous to every State in America. Our butterfly gardens perform in all 50 states throughout the April to November. Take our word and BOOK EARLY! We sell out every year.

Simplified Entertainment is a PROFESSIONAL designed butterfly garden that will wow your guests. The Simplified Entertainment butterfly gardens will be one of two events on your campus that will attract the largest crowds. The other event? A hypnosis show!


Simplified Entertainment butterfly gardens save you time, money headaches and everything else that goes into putting together a butterfly garden attraction yourself. We work on the butterfly gardens all year round making sure that the butterfly garden is the best event.


Simplified Entertainment has the quality and the experience factor that you demand. Rest assured that the Simplified Entertainment butterfly gardens is what you expect from our great company.

You supply the 2-4 people to assist with set up and tear down.

The butterfly garden is 100% all inclusive and is 100% accessible to persons with disabilities.

Call us for more video links and the finer details to host the Simplified Entertainment butterfly garden.

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