The crazy game show where contestants are selected from the audience. Competing players, each playing for Cash and Prizes, will face off in a loads of laughs, tons of fun challenge to win the grand prize. We’ve made it easy to win. Come on out and join in on the fun! 

It is easy to play! If you have ever gone to the movies, watched television or even listened to the radio YOU CAN WIN! Real cool lighted contestant stations, a professional and funny game show host, cash and musical questions. What more could anyone ask for! Come out and play “Can You Name That Tune?” 

Fully computerized stage lighted contestant podiums, automatic lock out buttons, cool music, backdrop and a professional host who will keep the fun going for as long as you like. Shows can be themed and custom designed for your needs.

You think you know music? If you do the pressure of this game show will make your brain freeze! It's so funny when the you see your friends on stage trying to figure out the name of the song being played. There is something about being in front of people that makes your mind go numb. This show is a laugh riot!

Can You Name That Tune?

Simplified Entertainment

Nobody does it better!

Simplified Entertainment has created the only multi-media game show system that lets everyone who attends -


This is the hottest game show technology! Gone are the days where the host had to hand out raffle tickets to get contestants. With the Simplified Entertainment's Game Show System, groups ANY SIZE can play. Everyone who attends - PLAYS! It's amazing.

Our game shows allow EVERYONE to play at the same time for every piece of trivia. Because our system allows everyone to play at the same time, this means that everyone gets to participate and everyone has an equal chance to win! There is no better way to play a game than with Simplified Entertainment!