Note About OUR SHOW: We use real backdrops and props which makes for a far more interesting and more dynamic photograph.

 Our competitors use a computer based system that adds the background AFTER the photo is taken. This type of system doesn't allow for the participants to interact with the scene. Also, there is no depth of field which does not make the participants look very good. That is why Simplified Entertainment Inc is the best! Our events provide more fun!
Old Time Photos is a wonderful event to have because of the fun loving laughter that everyone enjoys in selecting their own costume and being a part of the photo. Costumes include Civil War Hero, Southern Belle, Bubba, Mobsters, Cowboys and Cowgirls and a host of other favorites!
We can perform this show indoors or out! This photo was taken outside in a March snow shower! It was really fun!

Everyone loves to dress up in our fantastic period costumes.

Professional Lighting, backdrops, costumes and REAL PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTERS. Our printers print out real photographs in seconds! Each photo comes in its own cardboard frame. Every person in the photo will receive their own photo, on the spot!
What fun you will have playing dress up! This is a great event that everyone loves to be part of. Any time that your guest can take something home with them makes your event the most special of all.