An ORIGINAL event that only the GREATEST event team could produce.


We have had the brilliant idea of creating a movie that any one could appear in. And with lots of work from lots of great people, we have filmed a REAL MOVIE that you can star in!

This full length 40 minute feature is the most amazing interactive event that you can have for your function. It is truly amazing.

Simplified Entertainment Inc. will come in and set up a complete movie sound and film chroma set. Event guests select the character that they would like to play.

Your guest steps onto the set and recites the script that the director asks them to say. Instantly your guest is added to our original motion picture, appearing in a scene with our professional actors. With in minutes of finishing the shoot, your guest receives a DVD box which includes a complete 40 minute movie that they appear in.


Each participant gets a DVD of a commercial of the movie. However, none of the participants know if they made it into the final cut of the movie. Later that same evening, we roll out the red carpet to all your guests to view the movie that was created earlier. Because the movie is a murder mystery, the audience becomes real detectives gets a chance to win a prize by texting who they think the murderer is. We have created 5 different endings to the movie. That way, you can have this event more than once for your guests.

Call us today for more information on how great this event is. This event will be the most memorable event that you will ever have for your guests.


We already shot the scene with our professional actors, however the murder suspect is not in the scene.

We come to your event with our high end video production equipment and video record you reciting your lines.

With our state of the art custom software, with place you right into the interrogation room. Light, shadows and color correction are added to make the composite shot look seamless.

Simple As 1, 2, 3!