Singing competitions have always been popular. Everyone thinks they can sing and virtually every wants to be a star. (Remember William Hung?) Hence, the huge success with singing competitions.

Simplified Entertainment Inc. in conjunction with our production suppliers, has created a singing competition for your event, complete with text voting from any cellular telephone.


Simplified Entertainment Inc. creates an Idol competition based on your needs that is specifically tailored to your event. Small budgets can use our state of the art telephone text voting stand alone system in conjunction with their own staged competition.


Large budget shows are custom created. Complete with staging, lighting, sound system, costumes, music, video walls, professional host, text voting licensing, rules, website, a full production crew and more.

Simplified Entertainment Inc. can help with in house video broadcasting and live video streaming allowing a larger campus audience and world wide viewers to be part of and vote for their favorite performers.

Here are the rules to the Karaoke Idol Show

Simplified Entertainment Inc. does provide a "turn key" idol singing competition. This prepackage competition is administered by Simplified Entertainment Inc. Show format and rules are strictly adhered to.

This type of event is only limited to your imagination. We want to be part of your next Idol competition. Now is the time to call us. Call now! 888-658-0515.