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NEWS RELEASE March 20, 2014:  Spring id HERE! Well, that is what is reads on the calendar. We are filling dates fast for the Spring Flings. As we tell everyone, DON'T WAIT TILL LAST MINUTE! Well sell out every year!

NEWS RELEASE February 3, 2014:  Our DUI/TEXT Simulator is on tour throughout the United States. We are criss-crossing the country and all parts in between! We can get you on the DUI/TEXT Simulation tour and you can save lives. Do not miss out on the best "In Your Face, You Can Not Drink Then Drive/TEXT" simulation. We save lives and you can too. Call us at 888-658-0515 today.

NEWS RELEASE January 8, 2014:  Master Hypnotist Thomas Bresadola Starts his Winter Tour today! The tour will take Thomas to the East and West coast and throughout the midwest. To join this tour and have the #1 Stage hypnotist in the world at your event, call us at 888-658-0515.

NEWS RELEASE January 6, 2014: Simplified Entertainment Inc. has custom built a touring Fun House. This Fun House is huge! The Fun House is nearly 2000 sq. ft. This event can be played inside or outside. Call now for more information and to book your date at 888-658-0515.