A wonderful time with REAL carnival games and carnival booths. Our 10' x 10' black & orange booths can each hold up to four professionally created carnival games. We have over 40 different novel and fun carnival games to choose from. All games are top quality.

Themed Carnival Events 

If you are looking for an event that isn't scary and will please everyone, an event that will bring in your attendees, then a Simplified Entertainment carnival is what you need. Carnivals can service the most people. Just watching your friends play the games will bring out laughter from you and everyone attending.
The Haunted Carnival is the perfect addition to your haunted house package.

We have found the the attendees of the haunted house event claim that their experience was greatly enhanced with the addition of the carnival games. And that the themed prizes are fun to win!
Who doesn't like carnivals? Showing off your skills to win a stuffed toy. Aaahhh! There's nothing better!

Simplified Entertainment brings to you the coolest twist on the Carnival event.

Themed out Halloween carnival games with black and orange tents with side curtains, game signs, lights, spooky music and cool Halloween stuffed prizes!