Why are you hiring?
Simplified Entertainment Inc. has the need to add to our current employment because we have expanded into new markets. This is a great opportunity for any one who likes show business.

How can you be in "show business" when your located in Skaneateles, NY and not New York City or Hollywood
Nearly 90% of show business agents are NOT located in a major city. In fact nearly 90% of all show business related business does not happen on television or Hollywood. It is in private functions and events. That is what we do.

Do you work with big name entertainment?
When our clients request a certain act or personality, we will negotiate with that entity for the event.

How do I make money?
Simplified Entertainment Inc. pays you on what you sell. There is a base salary/wage plus commission, bonus and incentives. We pay on a weekly basis.

What do I have to do? I have no experience in show business.
No show business experience is necessary. Why? Because we offer complete training on selling our products. 90% of the time our clients know what they want. It just takes us to find and deliver that entertainment.

What is "Talent Scouting"? I do not know anything about talent.
No need to have any experience. We just require of agents to see live performers, and attend shows from time to time. Surf the net for new acts and the like. Then bring the information to weekly meetings.

Would I ever have to perform in a show?
Only if you wanted to! Sometimes an event needs a "show host". From time to time our agents act as the host and make the event go on. This pay is above and beyond any other pay.

It sounds like a lot of travel. How often would I be gone from my family?
At this time we attend about 8 trade shows each year. Depending on the trade show they are about 4 days long. We try to switch people on and off these shows. Dates of these show are known way in advance. Plus any hosting of shows that you may do.

Please read the information to the left. If you feel that this is a job that you would like to pursue then fill out the online application.

You Want A Job In Show Business?

Simplified Entertainment is currently looking for GAME SHOW AND EVENT SHOW HOST. The candidate must be energetic and enjoy entertainment.

Here is the detailed Job Description and Requirements. This is the same information that we would tell you about the job in a face to face interview of what the job entails. If you like what you read, we would like to interview you. We are looking for candidates that  like  working with entertainers and events.

This website lists what we do. Look this website over. We have nothing to hide and want to give every candidate the most information about us. Why? We do not want to waste your time.

Simplified Entertainment is a full service professional entertainment, website, and event planning company. We are the largest such  company in Central New York.

Job Description & Requirements:

Job Description:

Simplified Entertainment Inc, located in beautiful Skaneateles, NY, is upstate New York’s largest full service entertainment and production company. We provide quality entertainment and entertainment services to colleges, universities and corporations throughout the entire United States. Simplified Entertainment is one of the TOP FIVE college production companies in the US. Creative and innovation entertainment ideas and concepts is what separates Simplified Entertainment Inc. from the competition. 

Currently Simplified Entertainment has an openings for GAME SHOW AND EVENT SHOW HOST. Simplified Entertainment Inc. is a highly respected event provider. The opportunity that we have available is not a job, but a career in show business.

Duties will include but are not limited too: Performing on stage as a game show host or novelty show host.

Skills: Great personality, like to be in front of people, like to travel alone, punctual, non-smoker, clean drivers license, no crimminal record, computer savvy, able to think on their feet.  

Education and other requirements: We do hire persons with only a high school degree for this position. Experience in any type of performing is helpful.

Clean drivers license, own transportation (we are not on the bus route) non-smoking office and non-smoking company cars.

If you do not believe in psychics or paranormal activity please do not apply. We are a smoke free environment.

Pay: $150-$300 Per performance. $8.oo per hour plus office hourly time. (In the first year nearly everyone of our new recruits were on track to make over $30K! Not a bad start for a  newbie) We perform coast to coast.

Our office is in beautiful Skaneateles, NY, 5 miles north of the village.

Simplified Entertainment Inc.
2335 Shamrock Rd.
Skaneateles, NY 13152

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