TTKT was created by Certified Alcohol Awareness Pros

The Tour was created and designed by certified alcohol awareness professionals. The DUI simulation software was developed using the US Government study on driving while impaired. Our sims drive home the message that if you drink, even one drink, you can not drive! This message is delivered in a comfortable direct way to the participant. Experience has proven this method demonstrates that you can not drink and drive, period, and it is remembered! So when the real-life situation arises, a person is well prepared and educated to ask someone else to drive!


Each one of our event hosts are trained on the set up and tear down of the DUI Simulators.

More importantly they are trained to answer questions about DUI and what the participant experiences during the simulation.  Making the experience a lesson long remembered.

Education is the key to prevention!

After each simulation a  report

This report will let the driver know exactly how well they did. Miss a some stop sign? Weaving in and out of traffic?  You can't fool the simulator!

DUI prevention lecture series. Learn about intoxication rates. Blood Alcohol content, rates of consumption and much more. Contact us for Lecture Series information.