Train in complete safety, indoors and without any alcohol products!

Our simulators can emulate driving while intoxicated, driving while talking on the phone or the dreaded driving while txting. Lifelike simulations complete with changing weather conditions, day and night driving, pedestrians not adhering to crosswalks, etc. Just like the real world! In addition we can slowly increase the rate of intoxication, add tunnel vision, delayed braking and even wet slippery roads. Simulation at its best!

Using state of the art computer graphics allows us change scenarios on the fly. It also allows us to collect performance data that we will share with each user after their session is completed

Our simulators are great for high schools, colleges, or any education event!

Compact size means we can train in almost any location. All we need is power and a covered space. Our technician does everything else, complete setup and training.

Click the link below for some images of the simulator and TakeTheKeysTour '11 event in action!

DUI Simulator Images

training in a simulator can save lives. join us by saving lives one simulation at a time!

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