Our DUI Simulator allows any person to safely experience the effects of driving a car while under the influence of alcohol, drugs and even txting!.

Our DUI Simulator has been developed with the latest DUI research and data points. Our system allows the participant to experience the effects of driving while under the influence within in a safe environment. No need to empty your parking lot or worry about inclement weather.

Our technician will setup and run everything, just sit back and learn.

02/19/2011 Two teens are killed when their car rolled over and the driver was ejected. Alcohol Intoxication is suspect

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Various degrees of distraction can be obtained using a state of the art computer system that allows the simulation of impaired vision, impaired hearing, and delayed reaction times caused by wet roads and of course TOO MUCH ALCOHOL!

COLLEGES, high schools, safe prom, safe grads...

Events of all types can participate in our simulator training. Our simulators work indoors or out, and can easily be wheeled into a classroom.