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Everyone At Simplified Entertainment Inc. Strives To Be Great!

Or you do not work here.

A message from Thomas Bresadola, President of Simplified Entertainment Inc.

Simple. That's how it has to be.

When I decided to become an agent and event planner, I had already amassed a resume of outstanding experience working with and performing in the entertainment and news industry. Geraldo Talk Show, MTV, Star Vision, Paramount Studios, and McDonald's Corp. to name a few. I was an excellent team player who quickly moved up the ladder. Even with this wonderful success, having been offered a job as a producer on the Geraldo Talk Show, I decided it was time to pursue my own goals. And so I did.

It was a few years later that I really started to pursue one of my goals to its fullest. In 2000, Simplified Entertainment Inc. became my full time passion. Having started this company with only one show, The Thomas Bresadola Hypnosis Show, Simplified Entertainment Inc. has grown into one of the largest event booking agencies in New York State. We service all 50 states. Our headquarters are located in beautiful Skaneateles, NY. We completed building our huge office and rehearsal facility in 2006 and moved in on January 1, 2007. One full year ahead of our 5 year plan!

Through the years, there have been far more success' than bumps in the road. However, it is the bumps in the road that I have learned the most valuable lessons and in turn, those bumps have motivated me to do far better than the day before.

They say that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". I am not flattered when a competitor or a former contractor copies one or more of my carefully crafted and thought out shows or promotional ideas. This does demonstrate that I am correct, however, my only solace is knowing that this type of practice results on bringing bad karma to them.

It is simple. One must lead, follow or get out of the way.

So I create new shows. Cutting edge shows. Great shows. I bring to my clients what they want and what they ask for. I invent new products and bring them to the market place. I study, take courses, read and better my company, myself and my workers to be sure that we deliver a great product. My competitors? They only follow.

Simplified Entertainment Inc. will lead.

The people who work here are dedicated to Simplified Entertainment Inc. If they are not, they are let go. And that goes for performing artist too. Each one of us enjoys what we do. We get a real satisfaction out of seeing an act perform or making the buyer a real star during their event. We are humbled by the thank you letters, and even more humbled by the call that asks us to come back and perform again.

Each year our business grows. This is not by accident. It is by great planning, focus to be better than the day before and our vision of where we want to be in the future. The future of next week, next month and 10 years from now. At times we may have to adjust our course, yet, we always get to where we are going in the end.

Our next five year plan is very exciting. We have are already began implementing phase one by becoming partners with Live!Live! and Take The Keys Tour DUI/Text Driving Simulators to our excellent roster.

The future for Simplified Entertainment Inc. is very bright. During 2016 Simplified Entertainment Inc. will become larger, stronger and more dynamic. This is what made us great in the past, what makes us great now, and what will make us great in future.

Simple. That's what is has to be.

Master Hypnotist Thomas Bresadola


Simnplified Entertainment Inc.